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GPU Bios Update/Flash

Before starting the process make sure you have:

- all required software

- have only one card installed in PC to flash

- close all GPU monitoring software (Afterburner, etc.)



STEP 1: Download required software from the links below or trusted sources and install on your PC



Polaris BIOS Editor

AMD Pixel Clock Patcher



STEP 2: Back-up the original GPU Bios


- Run cmd as administrator. Search for cmd in Search Programs and Files, right click on cmd and select Run as administrator

- Change directory to folder where you have installed ATIFlash

- Run the following command to back-up original GPU Bios: AtiFlash.exe -s 0 backup.rom

This command will create the back-up file backup.rom - which you should rename to remember what card this back-up is for. We also suggest to back-up this file to your back-up media for future restoration if required.



STEP 3: Update GPU Bios file


There are few variations of Polaris BIOS Editor software that you can use. Some will allow you to copy straps/strings into higher slots manually. We recommend to use the one that is listed above. This version of Polaris BIOS Editor automate copying with one click update and will copy straps/strings from 1500 to higher slots.


- Open Polaris BIOS Editor from the folder where you installed it in step 1.

- Load your original bios file backup.rom into Polaris BIOS Editor by clicking OPEN BIOS button and selecting your backup.rom.

- Click ONE CLICK TIMING PATCH button at the bottom-right corner to modify file.

- Click SAVE AS button at the top-left corner and save new bios file as bios.rom in the folder where you have installed ATIFlash software.

- Close Open Polaris BIOS Editor



STEP 4: Flash GPU Bios with new bios configuration file


- In cmd change directory to folder where you have installed ATIFlash if you are not in it

- Run the following command to Flash GPU Bios: atiflash -p 0 bios.rom



STEP 5: Run AMD ATI Pixel Clock Patcher and reboot PC


Your card is flashed! You will likely need to play with core and memory clocks in an overclocking utility like MSI Afterburner to get optimal performance out of your card.